House Reds

House Selected Reds

5 Demetris Selection        –        175ml glass £4.15           bottle £16.95

Rich, with a powerful nose offering soft, ripe dark berry and blackcurrent with wild fruit scent.

6 Shiraz       –        175ml glass £4.15           bottle £16.95

Rich and smooth black berry fruits are complemented by dark  cherries and finished off with a dash of spice.

7 Malbec     –        175ml glass £4.15           bottle £16.95

Robust, fruity and quite delicious.

8 Merlot      –        175ml glass £4.15           bottle £16.95

This Merlot has complex aroma combining ripe black fruits and, sweet plums with vanilla and spice notes. Concentrated palate, with a very ripe, smooth structure.

9 Cabernet Sauvignon     –        175ml glass £4.15           bottle £16.95

Rich in colour and aroma with blackcurrants and cherry, well-structured with soft ripe tannin.