Greek House White Wines

Greek House White Wines

12 Aphrodite ~ Cyprus £16.95

Classic, crisp, dry white wine with a delicate aroma of   fresh cut hay and stone fruit.

13 Thisbe ~ Cyprus         –        175ml glass  £4.15          bottle £16.95

Medium dry fruity white wine, with a fresh palate of  apples and grapefruit.

14 Saint Panteleimon ~ Cyprus           –        175ml glass  £4.15          bottle £16.95

Medium sweet white wine, with a floral bouquet and a palate stone fruits and citrus.

15 Retsina ~ Greece        –        175ml glass  £3.95  £14.95

Produced from native Greek varieties, Retsina derives its unique aroma and flavour from the additional small amount of pine resin added to the wine.